New Colors!

We’re very excited to announce 12 new Sketch colors!

Copic Sketch 2012 Colors EX-6

G43 Pistachio, G46 Mistletoe, BG57 Jasper, BG90 Gray Sky, E84 Khaki, E89 Pecan,
 Bluebell, V22 Ash Lavender, V28 Eggplant, RV52 Cotton Candy, R56 Currant, YR27 Tuscan Orange

In February 2012 these carefully chosen colors will be available in the Sketch Marker style, as well as Various Ink, bringing us to 358 total Copic colors. 

Copic Sketch 2012 Colors EX-6
Let us know which color you’re most excited about on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • Dedgson

    I am pretty happy how they have added to the G 40 line. I love that color it will be really nice to have 2 other’s that go with it. Also that they have added to the other lines as well making them a little more complete!

  • Kairton

    YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Love the news colours!!!!!  :)

    • Copic Marker

      So glad to hear it!

  • Rustygate

    LOVE that Tuscan Orange!!  Oh, and that Jasper!!  And, and. . . yes, I will “need” all of them!!!

  • Slayer2b

    I love Eggplant and Tuscan Orange.  I will have to add to my collection.

  • Kathie

    Will these colours be coming in the Ciao range at a latter date?

  • Colleen Ferrante

    unbelievably excited about new BV & V!!!

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  • Gary Lee

    i want them now!!!! lol

  • Kim Thomas

    Pretty new colors. I can’t wait to try them. Thank you for posting. :)

  • Margaret Gilmer

    I have them on order.  Can’t wait for them to come.

  • Amybug99

    The new Gs (G43 and G47) have me all ramped up!

  • Amybug99

    So…I wonder when the new blank Copic color chart will be available?  :)  I’m ready to make up a new one to include these new colors (got them last weekend)!

  • Peggy Freidel

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing says LOVE like the new Copic colors. LOVE THEM!!

  • Dendel007

    “a perfect day…
    to STOP-ic,
    so DROP-ic,
    go SHOP-ic,
    ’til you

    (shout out to “COPIC is the TOPIC at Blick!”)

  • Evangelife000

    Original, Quality
    Designer in Mind!

    (Rock-ic w/ Copic @ Blick)

  • Dottie

    Where will the winner of the poem contest be posted ? On the Home page ?

  • Beth Kanter

    Why not sell the new colors in a package?  

  • Tracey Jean

    Beautiful colours. I guess this means that new colours are only added in the Sketch style and Original has been abandoned. I suppose I’ll have to make the move to Sketch…

  • KINOSHITA Hiroko

    wow,G43=pistachio is beautiful color! I love it. the color match well this season, I think.