6 Rocketeer Renderings by Eric Canete

Six stunning versions of the Rocketeer rendered by Copic master Eric Canete.

From his Essential Sequential bio:

Eric is an illustrator and designer working in the animation and comic book industries.  He was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when he was 12 years old. His professional career got a very early start when at the age of 17 he assisted as a background designer and storyboard artist on several animated shows for television such as X-Men and Exo-Squad, for which he was uncredited. He later moved his focus to what he has referred to as his ‘true calling’ – comic books. His experience in storyboarding for animation greatly benefited his comic book storytelling work, for which he has been hailed by his contemporaries. He has worked for every major comic book company in the United States including Marvel and DC Comics.

Find Eric on the web:
Essential Sequential

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