Anime Expo Swag Bag Giveaway!

Whether you joined us at Anime Expo or not, you’re still welcome to share in the fun! We’re giving away free Copic swag bags filled with awesome loot from Crunchyroll, Bandai, Funimation, and Niconico!

PRIZES: Seven lucky winners will get a swag bag filled with t-shirts, posters, Copic goodies and stickers. Five of these winners will also receive a DVD! Titles include: Black Blood Brothers, Sands of Destruction: The Complete Series, Spice and Wolf, and Suzuka: The Complete Collection.

HOW TO ENTER: Easy! Comment on this post and tell us what types of workshops, panels, classes, etc. you would like to see from Copic at future Anime Expos. To be eligible to win, you must reside in the U.S. or Canada.

Comments must be posted by July 30th. Winner will be announced Monday, August 1st.

Thanks again to the following companies for donating products, and to each and every one of you who made Anime Expo 2011 an amazing experience!

Comments are now closed, and our 7 lucky winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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  • Quynh Nguyen

    i LOVE the products here. i’m new at this and i want to draw like a professional. i just love reading manga and watching anime which inspired me to draw. ^^

  • Ruth Hall

    I’ve always been fascinated with fantasy and art combined. Copics are the perfect medium to bring amime to life. I’m always excited about the thought of new art supplies!!

  • dot ferrero

    Would like new art supplies? Really in love with copics.

  • Ophexis

    Mm I think the most interesting things would be about techniques or special effect we can achieve with the markers. Or some tips when working…I really like small tips and techniques so yup~

  • Nodocchi

    I really love the products here…I buy products here is i have money ! … I really love how they bring anime to life ! It’s just so amazing ! Since i just found out about this, it really got me into anime and drawings and stuff. I appreciate what you’re doing here and thank you for this opportunity .

  • Sian R

    i really love working with Copics because they are so smooth and easy to use. I think it would be nice to see more about how to do like special effects and layering and blending with copics.

  • Sian R

    i really love working with Copics because they are so smooth and easy to use. I think it would be nice to see more about how to do like special effects and layering and blending with copics. Copics are so fun to use.

  • Arakun

    I just returned from Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego where trading card and sketch artist Allison Sohn demonstrated sketching using color Copic markers. As she drew she discussed color theory (explaining each color she chose and why), the need to focus on positive as well as negative spacing, how to create a 3D look with color and value range. She showed the audience how to soften hard edges using a Copic blending tool as well as how to build layers for deeper and richer colors. She described the sets she owns, the papers she and her husband use, the types of Copic pen tips available, the fact that you can purchase color refills, the steadfastness and archival quality of Copic colors, how well colored pencil and water-based paints works with Copic, and more. The demonstration was projected on a huge screen using an overhead projector. The presentation was very casual; the Allison drew the entire time explaining her method and procedure as she went; members of the audience interjected questions as they came up and she seemed delighted to answer them. The audience appeared very interested in and eager to hear what she had to share both in her art demo and her comments. There was an air of mutual respect. This was not a workshop to sell Copic markers; rather, it was designed to teach individuals how to sketch. This is the type of workshop, panel and/or class Copic should present at future Anime Expos.

  • Jordy Absurd

    I’d like to see work shops/classes on texturing techniques. unorthodox methods, highlghting artist processes, More on using acrylic blocks with your markers (i.e. has a color pallet), more interactive panels (with live drawings?)

  • Shell

    I would love to see more on the blending and light reflection using copic markers……oh the list could go on!! LOL

    Who doesn’t love free, thanks for having the give away!!


  • Judy J

    I have heard a lot of good things about Copic markers. I am getting into card making/scrapbooking. I would love to win a goodie bag.

  • Belinda

    One of the things I’d want to see the most is how to create special effects with the markers…something that goes beyond coloring the picture, but bringing to to life as well.
    As for other classes/workshops, I’d like to see how Copic markers can work in harmony with other medias(watercolor/acrylics/etc.) to create a picture too. Something else I’d also like to see Copic drawings on different sheets of paper to see if there’s one that works best for another. Thank you. :]

  • Audrey

    I would love to be in a class on how to make things look like they’re glowing/shining with copics.
    Or rather, light/shadows in general, such as light source, backlighting, etc.
    That would be great!
    Tips would be awesome as well. I use marker paper and the marker still bleeds through to the surface below it, and learning how to avoid that would be great.
    Artists drawing live (like a real-time speed paint, but in real life lol) would be cool too!
    Thank you!

    I love funimation btw!

  • Anna

    I would like to see techniques for using copic markers on different surfaces and paper types. I’ve dabbled a little bit with mixed results it be nice to see what you guys could come up with.

  • Freezie

    I am more interested in the drawing aspect than everything else even though anime is awesome :D. On that note, this may seem rather simple, but a basic tutorial on smoothing blending would be vary useful and a fundamental skill. It is one of those things that you don’t realize how dramatic a differences it can make as well as the difficulty in learning a smooth, even tones. To complement that note, and advanced tutorial on water would be nice that could include both flowing and still water. There is so much more, but I think this hits the big points at two different skill levels.

    Yay, for longwinded speeches :)

  • Zac Spears

    I would like to see a advanced copic airbrush demonstration workshop, and something on copic ink mixing for creating new colors.

  • Dell

    I’m new to using Copic markers and would like to see a workshop for those like me who are new with tips and techniques on the fundamentals as well as what sort of effects you can be achieved on an advanced level.

  • Kuyo Ulii

    I would like to see classes or workshops on how to professionally use the copic markers. I love to draw anime so, I if I take classes on techniques, I could get a lot better.

  • Kuyo Ulii

    I would like to see classes or workshops on how to professionally use the copic markers. I love to draw anime so, if I take classes on techniques, I could get a lot better.

  • Kayla Richard

    Adding colour for a splash of life to manga artwork has always been a problem for me. Copic Markers seem to be the best brand out there for this, but I need to know how to use them properly first. Which is why I think it would be great if there were more classes or workshops that introduce beginners to the basic use of copic markers.It would also be nice to see some more difficult classes for artists who have already gotten the hang of things.

  • Keith Aric Hall

    It’s all about depth and texture for me. My illustrations tend to look flat and one dimensional.

  • Lori Gauerke

    I have just started using my Copic markers amd I am in love with them…would love to attend a class on shadowing techniques…never quite sure where the shadows should be at. Thanks, Lori

  • Harriet Hensley

    I would love to know more about the airbrush and more videos about how to color detailed scenic coloring…. thanks for the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes…..

  • Kathleen Xu

    I would like to see more of blending and how to decide which colors to use. Teaching more of color sense would be nice. I also think that teaching how to use the airbrush system and ways to use it, like blending airbrush strokes.

  • Melissa Lim

    I loved the copic booth this year! As for workshops, and classes, I would like to see more blending techniques used by professional artists. I think that it would be interesting to show how to make textures as well… like with water and such. Another big thing… is the type of paper to use as well..

    Thanks for providing this opportunity! :)