Copic Papercrafting Certification Overview

The Copic Certification Program is designed for papercrafters, scrapbookers, rubber stampers, store owners, store employees and store designers. Our one-day intensive programs will teach diverse applications for Copic products with the intent of people sharing them with their classes, stores, workshops, or furthering their personal talent.

If you’re a teacher and wish to be added to our Certified Instructor List, let us know and we’ll add you once you have become certified. We use this list to connect people interested in having a workshop or class on Copic techniques with instructors in their area.


Standard Certification Classes

Standard Copic Certification
The Copic Papercrafting Standard Certification Class encompasses education of the most important aspects of Copic’s product lines.   It includes hands-on education of product knowledge, blending techniques, answers to common problems, how to test and select your inks and papers.   This is useful information, whether you want to sell, teach, or just enjoy using our products. You will receive a 68 page manual, as well as a kit of pens. You will also have an opportunity to use all of our Copic products hands-on, as we cover their function and differences between each one.


Intermediate Certification Classes

Intermediate Copic Certification
The Copic Papercrafting Intermediate Certification Class  was developed for people who want to know more of the artistic aspects of working with Copic products.   You can apply for this class, if you have taken the Standard Copic Certification class.  In this class, you will cover shading, shadows and color.  You will learn composition and design in paper crafting, coloring trees, working with reds, skin tones and coloring hair.  Most importantly, you will learn to improve your own designs!  If you want to take your coloring to the next level, this class is for YOU!!


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