Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be notified of upcoming classes in my area?
Please fill out the sidebar to the right, and when a class comes to your state, or the states surrounding yours, you will be notified.

How long is a Certification class, and what should I bring?
The Standard Certification class runs from 9am to 4pm.  The Intermediate class runs from 9am-8pm, with a lunch and dinner break.  Everything you need for the class will be provided. If you choose to bring your own supplies, please mark them clearly with your name.

I am a fine artist.  Should I attend a Certification class?
Absolutely!  You are welcome to come and learn all about our markers.  We also have a fine arts division, which you may also be interested in. To invite us to a university classroom, or fine art store or event, check out our events page.

Why should I become certified?
Taking our certification class will give you a well rounded view of how our markers work, what papers work best with our markers and you will receive a 68  page in depth manual of techniques and information.

Can I retake the class?
Absolutely!  There is a lot of information presented to you in the Certifications, so retaking the class is encouraged!  The retake fee is $60 for Regular Certifications, and $100 for Intermediate Certifications.

How do you pick areas to have Certifications?
We try to go to different towns that have a huge draw for our attendees.  Most of the time we do not repeat towns, however, if a class fills and has a long waiting list, we will try to revisit that area within the year.  All venues are at neutral locations(not stores), picked by the instructor.

Is it difficult to get into the Intermediate class?
No.  As long as you can show us that you are familiar with the coloring techniques on the applications, there is a good chance you will get into the class(if there is room).  We want all attendees to be ready at the beginning of the class to learn at the same level, without having to “revisit” or “relearn” techniques.

How large are the classes?
The Regular class has between 30-35 people in each class.  The Intermediate class is smaller, with 25 people or less.

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