Copic Markers Featured in Inked Magazine

Copic Markers Featured in Inked Magazine - The Art IssueCheck out Inked Magazine’s January issue, on stands now, for an awesome dose of Copic inspiration!

Copic markers were used to adorn a blank canvas – in this case, a model – with beautiful artwork. The artists – Josh Lord, Jon Clue and Lara Scotton, all from New York City’s East Side Ink – spent five hours working together on the piece.

Read the article and view more photos in the January issue, or at

Copic Markers Featured in Inked Magazine

“Exquisite Canvas” by Josh Lord, Jon Clue and Lara Scotton.

Copic Black Ink Pro Kit in Inked Magazine

Also in the January issue, you’ll find our Black Ink Pro wallet featured in the “Friends of Inked” Holiday Gift Guide. A favorite among illustrators of all types, this kit makes a fantastic gift – for someone else, or yourself!

The January issue of Inked is on newsstands through January 27th.

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  • Creativeworks

    First I love copic markers. I am a professional face and body painter so here is my question is copic ink safe on the skin , is it FDA compliant for using on the skin. Being alchol based would be great for temporary tattoos and it could open a giant market for copic. I am the administrator for a FB group with over 3000 world wide members for professional face and body painting we would love to use this in our art. I have many suppliers that also might stick up on this but it has to be safe, let me know it would be great to add to my business.

    • Kacy @ Copic Marker

      Copic marker ink is not FDA compliant, although it is non-toxic.

      If you wished, you could use our empty markers with FDA compliant inks, as long as they are thin and not a paint (which would clog the nibs).