Air Compressor

$ 349.99 

This product is currently sold out.

This product is currently sold out.

  • Model: AC-101(AR)
  • Motor: 1/8 HP AC
  • Automatic type
  • Preset 40psi on/60psi off, with adjustable pressure
  • Airflow: 12~14 Ipm / 0.42~0.49 cfm
  • Weight: 4.5kgs / 9.9lbs
  • Size: L31 x W15 x H17(cm) / 12.2" x 5.9" x 6.7"


  • 2 Hoses (1/8" to 1/8" hose designed to work with the ABS system)
  • Moisture Trap
  • Air Regulator
  • Adapters for all major art airbrush brands

This is the perfect compressor unit for airbrushing with Copic markers and the Copic Airbrush System. The Windstorm by Sparmax offers a true automatic shutoff and instant "on" at any pressure. It features a PU curly hose and a PU straight hose, plus adapters for all major airbrushes. It is lightweight, runs quietly and very portable. * For use with ABS1N or ABS3 **

Note: This compressor does not include markers or Copic Air Grip or Adapter. This kit includes the hose needed to connect to the ABS1N.