Win the 36 New Ciao colors!

Do you use markers to stamp?

 You may be eligible to win this Copic prize.

Submissions accepted through March 14th.

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  • Noreesa

    I love copic markers. The colors are beautiful and wonderful to work with. Love the new website. Thank you.

  • Helen Johnson

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Joan V

    Wow, I would love to win these markers. I only have 4 Copic markers so far and I love them.

  • Jill

    I want Copic Ciao markers!

  • Luis

    I want them! How can I get my hands on those cool new copic markers!?

  • T. Grier

    I don’t own any copic markers and would love to win…so I try the stamping technique. Thank you for a chance to win.

  • Michelle

    I love copic markers! This would be so cool to win this set. I am still learning how to use the few I have. Thank You for the oppertunity to win these. :o)

  • Deborah Kindel

    I use Copic markers to enhance everything I do in stamping and altered art. Although there are times to use water-based markers, I get frustrated with the shallowness of color. I love, love, love the richness of hue, the ability to shade and make things look three-dimensional, and the vast selection of colors available with Copics.

  • Maria

    I use copic markers to color my stamped images and really enjoy the vibrancy of colors and smoothness of the finished projects.
    I would love to try these new colors!!
    Tnx for the opportunity to win!

  • tammy perkins

    I am so in love with my markers – my only problem is that I don’t have enough! Winning would be awesome!

  • Genevieve Dufour

    When I was young, coloring was an activity that I was doing with my mother. So when I use my copic markers, it’s remind me of that period. I do not have a big talent in art, but with these marker, I find that I could do beautiful things !!! Since I have them, I started doing my cards for birthdays and christmas. I just love them !!!

  • Audrey Benno

    WOW…I love Copic markers and these would come in handy when I teach a class..more fun for participants if they have lots of colors to use during a class….love the new colors.

  • Beate

    Hahahaha….yes, I do. I actually have a hard time making a card now without Copics. I have so much fun coloring! Thanks for an amazing product.
    With as many classes as I am holding lately, extra Copics would be great.
    Hugs and smiles

  • marion bergsma

    I will try to work with the copics…but It cost a lot of money and when you can’t working with copics,
    It is very nice to winn them, for trying the copics..
    I hope so..hug Marion

  • marion bergsma

    I will try copics,
    Than it will be nice to winn the copics..
    I hope so
    hug Marion

  • marion bergsma

    I will try copics.
    Than it will be nice to winn someone…
    hug Marion

  • Nina Nilsen

    Havn’t tried yet, but love learning new techniques and trying new products. Havn’t had the pleasure of trying copics yet, but saving up to buy some :0) Just love the range of colours and the result they can give!

  • Kellie

    Just learning the exciting world of Copics and I am hooked!! Would love to win this set to feed my new addiction. Thanks so much!

  • kerrie mccallum

    hi i love copics, i am a craft tutor to people with disabilities and if i won would love to introduce work to copics and get them to join in the fun… i am so addicted fantastic product guys just what craft stampers needed

  • kerrie mccallum

    i love copics and would love to introduce them at work and get them colouring!!! i am a craft tutor for people with disabilities

  • Shell Sampson

    Oh my … I can’t stamp without my Copics!! I’d love the opportunity to win these. Thanks so much.

  • Cindy

    I freakin’ love coloring with Copics!

  • Jannemiek

    I hope that I win!!! I love copic markers!

  • carol

    wow, what a great opportunity to try these anazing markers,hope i win.

  • Selena

    Class sweetie, thanks for the chance to win it.
    on the side of the panels is valid